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Hurco 580

The Hurco 580 preowned Spark Erosion Machine, comes as standard with an integral built in generator and filtration, fine grain fully stress-relieved iron castings, a linear guide way on Z axis with servo drive and linear sideways on X&Y axes.
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Eurospark 3R 27.2 Dovetail

3R 27.2 Dovetail

This part requires the adapter plate to fit the quill of the machine.
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Eurospark 3R 28.6 Dovetail

3R 28.6 Dovetail

Includes magnetic chuck to suit 3R 321 4X90 20mm chuck.
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Eurospark 3R 30.6 Indexing Plate

3R 30.6 Indexing Plate

This part can only be used with a 3R 27.2 Dovetail (as shown).
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Eurospark 3R 314.2 Tee Bar

3R 314.2 Tee Bar

This part is used for setting up the following 3R equipment - Fits into a 3R 321 4x90 Chuck, 3R 321.46 Mini Block.
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Eurospark 3R 321 4x90 Chucks

3R 321 4×90 Chucks

Can be fitted to 3R A3620 Adapter Plate, 3R 6-EX7/3R 6.5/EX7 Magnet, and the 3R 6.571 Orbi Cut.
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Eurospark 3R 321.46 Mini Block

3R 321.46 Mini Block

This part is used for machining electrodes vertically or horizontally. It can also be used on the quill in conjunction with the 3R A3592 Adapter Plate for horizontal electrodes.
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Eurospark 3R 6-EX7 Magnetic Chuck

3R 6-EX7 Magnetic Chuck

This part requires the 3R A3620 Adapter Plate to be able to fit the quill of the machine and would require the 3R 321 4x90 chuck.
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Eurospark 3R 6.5 Indexing Magnet

3R 6.5 Indexing Magnet

Allows Electrode to be rotated through 360°
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