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Hurco 580

The Hurco 580 preowned Spark Erosion Machine, comes as standard with an integral built in generator and filtration, fine grain fully stress-relieved iron castings, a linear guide way on Z axis with servo drive and linear sideways on X&Y axes.



Features of a Hurco 580:

    • Flexibility of daylight between ram plate and table distances by adjusting the back carriage.
    • Auto monitoring.
    • Adjustable gap voltage bias to stabilise cutting conditions.
    • High voltage bias to improve roughing or finishing conditions.
    • Variable pulse on time settings to achieve required surface finish.
    • Multi Flushing outlets.
    • Fire detection device.
    • Tilt swivel tool holder as standard
    • Digital readout for positioning X+Y.
    • Fire extinguishers as standard for safe operation
    • Audible Edge Find

All Eurospark preowned machines are fully tested with all necessary parts replaced before resale.

Optional Equipment

Additional options include:

  • Pre-Owned 3R tooling.
  • New Pallet type tooling..
  • Magnetic Chuck


Work area: 500 x 300 mm
Max work piece weight: 300 kg
X Travel: 300 mm
Y Travel: 200 mm
Z-axis manual/servo: 200 mm + 200 mm back carriage
Tank Size: 750 x 480 x 300 mm
Generator: 50 amp
Power consumed: 4/6 kva
Floor area, mm L x D x H: 1240 x 1165 x 2135 mm
Machine weight: 1135 kg (approx)

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