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Joemars JM325Dz


This machine has been through a minor refurbishment and has been fully inspected and tested by specialist Joemars trained engineers.

As part of this refurbishment all functions were tested and faulty/worn parts replaced, on this specific machine the main Pneumatic pump and guarding was replaced

all other parts were found to be well within tolerance (new machine tolerance).


D Series:

The D series machines are entry level EDM Hole Drills designed for drilling hard materials.

– Set using only 6 cutting parameters, makes achieving a good cut simple.

– The standard machine is suitable for diameters of 0.2mm – 3.0mm this range can be extended up to 6.0mm using a different head.

– All of the machines are fitted with sparking circuits specifically designed to enhance machining speed.

– Newly developed sparking circuits enhance machining speed and accuracy with lower electrode wear.

Optional Equipment


  • Mag Chuck
  • External water tank and filter
  • Electrode and guide package
  • 3-6mm guide plate


Work surface X/Y 460 x 210 mm
Max workpiece weight 100Kgs
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 330 x 200 x 345
Supported Electrodes 0.3-3mm (6mm option)
Max Quill to table 120-270mm
Max Current 38 amps
Power consumption 3.5 Kva
Machining Dielectric Distilled water
Max electrode length 400mm
Machine approximate weight 620kg
Machine dimensions WxDxH 865 x 1465 x 2070mm


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