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Pre-owned Spark Erosion EDM Machines

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Eurospark ES750

The Eurospark ES750 preowned Spark Erosion Machine, comes as standard with an integral built in generator and filtration, fine grain fully stress-relieved iron castings, a linear guide way on Z axis with servo drive and linear sideways on X&Y axes.
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Eurospark Joemars JMNC43A P75

Entry level CNC Spark Erosion Machine. Orbital functions, and Vector/ Side Sparking. Great for achieving surface finishes and multi cavity work.
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Eurospark Nottingham Hurco

Hurco 425 MkII

This machine is designed with a rise and fall work tank for use by the shop engaged in the manufacture of small to medium size workpieces and is ideal for tool rooms producing high-quality dies and moulds.
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Hurco 425E

The machine is specially developed as an economic unit for workshops where workspace is a premium - with an integral generator.
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