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Joemars ZNC EDM Dill

Efficient and effective EDM drilling with Joemars D and DZ series EDM Drills

Joemars Drill


The Joemars EDM drill is a machine perfected over 20years of operation, its performance and reliability are proven by machines installed in 2005 still operating well with the original customers.

D Series:

The D series machines are entry level EDM Hole Drills designed for drilling hard materials.

– Set using only 6 cutting parameters, makes achieving a good cut simple.

– The standard machine is suitable for diameters of 0.2mm – 3.0mm this range can be extended up to 6.0mm using a different head.

– All of the machines are fitted with sparking circuits specifically designed to enhance machining speed.

– Newly developed sparking circuits enhance machining speed and accuracy with lower electrode wear.

DZ Series:

The DZ range of EDM Hole Drills incorporate the fuzzy logic control system. This more sophisticated controller makes set up quicker and monitors sparking conditions during operation.

This makes operating extremely simple and training take just minutes.

The only inputs required are:

– Material to be machined
– Tube diameter
– Electrode wear rate

These inputs will automatically determine the ideal cutting conditions, and set the 6 machining parameters accordingly.
– The set machining parameters can be modified when machining without affecting the stored conditions
– The z-axis will automatically set to 0 when using edge find.
– An arc protection circuit will adjust the off time if the machining becomes unstable. If the unstable condition is not cleared the machine will stop to avoid damaging the current job.

Optional Equipment

Larger base plate- Allow you to drill up to 3-6mm

Z axis Up- Increases the daylight between the guide and worktable to allow fitting larger components.

Water filtration unit- External water deionisation and filtration unit, allows for water to be circulated.

Available Models

Model Name Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) X Y Z Travel (mm) Max work piece weight (kg) Work table size (mm)
Joemars ZNC EDM Dill - 325D
1465 x 865 x 2070 mm 620Kg 330 x 200 x 345 mm 100Kg 460 x 210 mm

Model Info:

The entry level JM325D provides great functionality all in a small footprint.
Joemars ZNC EDM Dill - 528D
1545 x 1020 x 2070 mm 900Kg 350 x 250 x 345mm (+200mm W axis) 450Kg 600 x 300 mm

Model Info:

The JM528 increases table capacity, allowing you to load larger heavier parts. The added W axis gives up to 375mm from the guide to the worktable, this can be further increased with an optional Z axis increase.
Joemars ZNC EDM Dill - 325DZ
1465 x 865 x 2070 mm 620Kg 330 x 200 x 345 mm 100Kg 460 x 210 mm

Model Info:

The JM325Dz maintains the small footprint of the D series model with the added more sophisticated fuzzy logic controller.
Joemars ZNC EDM Dill - 528DZ
1545 x 1020 x 2070 mm 900Kg 350 x 250 x 345mm (+200mm W axis) 450Kg 600 x 300 mm

Model Info:

The JM528Dz is the combination of the most flexible machine body with the most sophisticated controller.

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