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Eurospark Joemars JMNC43A P75 ****SOLD****

Entry level CNC Spark Erosion Machine. Orbital functions, and Vector/ Side Sparking. Great for achieving surface finishes and multi cavity work.

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Entry level CNC spark erosion:

-Simple conversional programming all required inputs displayed on screen with hints for operator.

-Orbit function makes sizing and achieving a finish even easier.

-Different edge finding functions allow for quicker setting up.

-Great for doing multi-cavity work getting more from your time.


As with all Joemars machines Eurospark offers full support and continue to maintain and service when required.


Machine Set up and Programming Virtual Demo:

0:00 Intro

0:06 Booting and homing.

0:45 Edge finding and setting zeros

2:59 Writing a program

7:22 Filling the tank and running the program

7:50 Modifying a program while not running

8:27 Modifying parameters on the run

8:50 Outro


Optional Equipment

Additional options include:

  • Pre-Owned 3R tooling.
  • New Pallet type tooling..
  • Magnetic Chuck


Work area: 650 x 400 mm
Max work piece weight: 800 kg
X Travel: 400 mm
Y Travel: 300 mm
Z Travel: 350 mm
Tank Size: 1060 x 600 x 340 mm
Generator: 75 amp
Power consumed: 7 kva
Machine weight: 1400 kg (approx)

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