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Eurospark Hirschmann 5.50.8 Inspection Bar

Hirschmann 5.50.8 Inspection Bar

Used for setting the Z-axis and machining block alignments.
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Eurospark Hirschmann 5.51.2 Electrode Holder

Hirschmann 5.51.2 Electrode Holder

Used to mount electrodes for deep cavity applications.
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Eurospark Hirschmann 8.12 Holder

Hirschmann 8.12 Holder

Used to hold Hirschman electrode holders and various Hirschmann quill options.
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Eurospark Hirschmann 8.511 MINIFIX Electrode Holder

Hirschmann 8.511 MINIFIX Electrode Holder

Machining block for MINIFIX electrodes on a Milling machine, used in conjunction with Hirschmann 8.811.1.
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Eurospark Hirschmann 8.811 Machining Block

Hirschmann 8.811 Machining Block

This part is table mounted and used for machining electrodes vertically or horizontally.
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Eurospark Nottingham Hirschmann MINIFIX Blanks

Hirschmann MINIFIX Blanks

Various MINIFIX copper electrode blanks to be used with 5.51.2 and 51.50 P Holders and P Shanks.
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